First Day


    Well they’ve been in school a week now.  Better late than never with posting these pictures.  Brooke is in her last year at the middle school as she is in 8th grade.  She is in full swing with swimming and her friends.  She’s living the life of a teenager-as she should.  Gwen is in her last year at the elementary school in 5th grade.  She is loving her teacher and enjoying the new bunny and Bug.  She is an animal lover at heart.  Kate is in 2nd grade and is Kate.  She is a busy body to the core.  Our baby started kindergarten this year.  I watched him get on the bus and he didn’t look back.  His first week was a bit rough as his teacher ‘makes him do math.’  Kindergarten is no longer fun and games.  I’m so proud of all these kids!

    September 12, 2018

    The Great Minnesota Get-Together


    It’s fair time!  We went yesterday and veered from our normal routine.  We parked and rode a bus, which the kids loved.  We also decided to go on a Saturday and later in the day.  We will try not to do that again.  I think we were there with over 200,000 of our closest friends.  We made the best of it and although we weren’t able to take the sky ride due to the lines, the kids did make it on the giant slide.  If you look close-you can see Brooke and Seth together on the slide and Kate near them.

    We made it through most of the animal barns and the goats won our hearts.  We decided if we ever get our dream of moving to some property, we’re getting a few goats.

    Kate also won a baby cow from Kemp’s and we had our annual tub of Sweet Martha’s cookies.  Martha has perfected one hell of a chocolate chip cookie.   Have a great Labor Day weekend!  School is just around the corner.

    September 2, 2018

    Butterfly Kisses


    We’ve been raising Monarchs this year.  Last year we bought a caterpillar at the State Fair for over $10 a piece.  This year the kids found a bunch at Uncle Andy’s house.  The things you find up north.  We brought them home and they’ve been emerging almost daily from their cocoons.  It really is a neat transformation to watch.  So is watching my muses watch the butterflies.

    August 28, 2018

    Sick Boy


    We’ve been busy with Seth being sick.  It lasted about a week and I think we may be in the clear!  This is the last week before school starts.  We are all ready for some routine.  Happy Monday.

    August 27, 2018



    We went to PR last weekend.  Half of us stayed at Great Grandma’s and half of us stayed at Uncle Andy’s.  Fishing, swimming, church, the Royal, Aunt Mary’s cooking and old cars on Main Street were some of the highlights.  And of course visiting with loved ones.  It was a great yet fast trip and the weather was beautiful!

    August 15, 2018

    Sunflowers & Water


    We picked the big girls up from camp on Saturday.  Two hours there and two hours back.  There was a field of sunflowers that I recall seeing a few years back.  I again had them stand in the field of flowers while I took their picture.  I searched to find the one from a few years back.  I wanted to see how they’ve grown.  Click here to see for yourself.

    They posed themselves the same way.  Without prompting from me.  Gwen with her arm around her big sister with our big girl still not really knowing how to show affection.  We’re working on that.  She hugs like her Uncle Tony.  Awkward.

    We again stopped by DQ in Siren, Wisconsin where a Monarch was found on the ground.  Gwen found the butterfly a sweet place to rest after I told her we couldn’t bring the butterfly home.  She was meant to be free.

    Oh the little kids.  They’re getting so big as well.

    We finished out the weekend with some boating and harness racing.  I didn’t get any images at the racetrack as I was too busy losing my butt.  Next time we decided we need to go to Canterbury.  Have a fabulous week!

    July 23, 2018